Top Tips for Improving your mental health

Looking after your mental wellbeing when you have a hectic life is a tough task to complete. Self care is often at the back of your mind in many situations, but unfortunately there could be negative consequences as a result. The way you think and feel has a dramatic effect on your everyday life, so finding productive and positive ways of improving your mental state is so beneficial for both short and long term wellbeing. If you’re struggling with some negative emotions or just want to take the opportunity to lay the foundations for the most balanced mindset possible, then implement these top tips to help you get set in the right direction. 

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Diet & Exercise 

Though many people believe their diet and exercise regime only impacts upon their physical health, the way that you eat and the amount of sport you do actually has a large effect on your mental wellbeing too. By fuelling your body with high sugar, salt and fat foods you will be destroying any hopes of your brain receiving the appropriate vitamins and minerals it needs to function to its full potential. The added colours and flavours, as well as the chemical preservatives that are added into many junk and fast food products, can harm your mental health quite drastically if eaten in excess over a long period. Consuming a balanced diet that consists of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats will allow you to lay the foundations to thrive. Taking part in regular exercise is said to encourage the release of endorphins, which are chemicals within the body that can improve the way you are able to deal with stress and also help reduce the amount of pain you feel. Incorporating at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity each day will have a noticeable positive impact on your mental wellbeing if pursued with commitment. 


Whether you’re in a particularly stressful situation such as trying to cope with grief or tragedy or perhaps just facing an excess of negative emotions, meditation can really aid in calming you down. Taking some time out of your day to dedicate to yourself, in order to concentrate your thoughts and focus your mind on what is important, will really benefit your mental wellbeing. Meditation takes on many different forms, from dedicated guided sessions for those who haven’t had much experience, to just taking a moment on your walk home from walk to pause and appreciate your surroundings. 

Professional Advice

If you believe that you are having particular issues regarding being able to deal with certain emotions or situations, you may want to consider contacting a neurofeedback specialist to provide you with a different kind of support and treatment. Getting the right help for more serious issues when you begin to notice symptoms is very important in ensuring that it does not fester and get out of hand. 

Improving your mental wellbeing takes a little time and dedication, but the end result is definitely worth your efforts. 


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