Tips to look after your health when travelling

Being able to go travelling is a luxury for some people, and for others, it might not be an opportunity that they get due to personal circumstances. So whenever you are able to get away, it’s important to ensure you’re safe and well on your travels.

Exploring new places can come with new environments and ways of living that you may not be familiar with. When it comes to your body, it’s a good idea to protect it as much as you can. So here are some tips to look after your health when travelling.

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Get Any Necessary Injections

First up it’s the dreaded medical procedures. In some countries, it’s sometimes required that you need injections or to take tablets whilst in the vicinity. This is because your body is likely not used to the wildlife or surroundings that you’d usually have back at home. It’s for your own safety so always find out before travelling if you require any injections. It might be a good idea to use an online service, a travel agency you may have booked with or just book online. It’s better safe than sorry and let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend your trip in a nearby hospital. Ensure you’ve left enough time to get these injections because you don’t want to leave it too last minute as you may miss out on the available appointments.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one ‘to-do’ that everyone seems to forget about until the last minute. However, whether you’ve bought it immediately after booking your holiday or you’re pressing check out at the boarding gates of the airport, it’s definitely one thing you do not want to go without. When it comes to travel insurance, you want to know that you’re covered no matter what happens. The last thing you want is to have racked up a huge bill that you’ll need to pay back because you didn’t have insurance in place. That’s certainly one way that your holiday could end up being ruined. So to avoid this, try to buy your travel insurance as soon as you know where you’re going. You can get joint travel insurance if you’re travelling with your partner, but it’s good to do this together to avoid missing any health conditions that they may have that possibly you may not remember. It’s a small cost that can end up really saving your bank balance and your holiday experience, so get it done!

Take A First Aid Kit

When it comes to packing, there are a number of items in your suitcase that should always be there. One of those things is a first aid kit. First aid kits are seriously handy for when you’re on your travels, especially if you are with kids. The first aid kit should include some plasters, burn gel and various other bandages and sanitizers to clean cuts and grazes. It can often be small enough that it fits in your bag while you’re on holiday and it will certainly come in handy as no one knows when an accident is about to happen. If it’s a more serious injury, then the contents of the first aid kit might be able to provide some relief while you’re waiting for emergency help to arrive. Plasters are handy even for more fashion-based injuries such as blisters. Blisters tend to be common-place on your holidays, especially when it comes to hot weather and rubbing shoes!

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Update Your Emergency Details 

We all use our phones to keep in touch with our loved ones back home when travelling. It all provides a useful tool for getting around areas that you’re not familiar with. So with that in mind, it’s always best to update or fill out the emergency details that can be accessed on your phone in an emergency by anyone. Most phones now have this feature, and it’s usually part of the handset’s settings, rather than an app. That being said, if you don’t have this feature, then you can probably get the same thing with an app. Simply locate this emergency section on your phone and fill in the relevant information. Some may also give you the option to mention what you’re allergic to and where you live or your doctor’s details. This can be super handy if you’ve been injured and can’t actually phone for help yourself.

Keep Washing Your Hands

One of the most common ways that we fall ill, is through poor hygiene. This is normally from not washing our hands, and when you’re in another country, that can always be the probable cause of how you’ve caught the bug or sickness. Especially in areas that are not so hygienic, anything your hands come in contact with can then end up near your mouth and then it’s game over! So the best way to combat this is to wash your hands regularly and particularly during meal times. You should be doing this anyway at home but if not, ensure you’ve washed them properly with soap and water. If water isn’t readily available, then it’s worth carrying a hand sanitizer. This will provide you with the opportunity to keep your hands clean, no matter where you are. The more you stay on top of it, the less likely you’ll end up falling ill. 

No one wants to be ill on their holidays or whilst their travelling because it can end up ruining a part or all of your trip. So to recap, get any of the necessary injections you’ll need before travelling and be sure to book these in advance. Buy your travel insurance as soon as the holiday is booked to avoid forgetting. Always pack a first aid kit as an essential for your suitcase and make sure it’s fully stocked up. Update your emergency details on your phone to help in a situation where passersby need your details and keep on top with washing your hands when out and about. Other than that, enjoy your next trip!


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