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The new 2018 Summer menu at Nirvana Spa brings a wide selection of tantalising cuisine for you to enjoy during your visit. My most recent trip was the perfect mother-daughter Spa day in August 2018. This started with a lovely breakfast sitting on the pergola, my mother had a latte and a croissant while I enjoyed a poached egg with smoked salmon and fresh mango juice. 
Nirvana Spa is located close to Wokingham and a 40minute drive from Guildford in Surrey. It’s relax, revive, indulge slogan is very apt with majestic architecture, a stunning floatation room, a relaxing ambience and tantalising spa cuisine. Nirvana Spa is the place to go to meet up with loved ones whether that be quality time with friends, precious mother-daughter time or spending the day with your partner. It’s a place where you can switch off from the demands of everyday life and reconnect. If you are looking for tantalising spa cuisine have a read about my latest visit… 

Having recently been diagnosed with mild allergy the doctors recommended I avoid mainly lactose but also gluten, this is becoming a more common phenomenon for many people. This often gives me the dilemma when I eat places about how to stick to this special diet, unlike other places where choice is limited Nirvana Spa offers range of tantalising spa cuisine with a variety of allergy friendly alternatives

Our friendly waitress very kindly went through the menu with us pointing out any clear vegan, gluten or dairy free options. She then showed us the updated salad bar area. The salad bar is a great option is you are looking for a light refreshing meal. During your dining experience you can return and refill your plate several times choosing from salads and pastas to hot dishes cooked by the chef.  With the fresh, contemporary refurb the salad bar area has a clean and stylish feel and clearly labels all allergy information for each dish. The head chef is also introducing more vegan, dairy and gluten free options than ever before. 

We opted to pick from the new main menu harnessing seasonally produced ingredients. My mum choose the stone bass accompanied by asparagus, ratte potatoes and garnished with a creamy, tangy yet sweet lemon butter sauce to which she described as light, tasty yet satisfying. Being a keen meat lover my favourite is duck so I was hopeful to try this dish – a quick check of the allergens menu confirmed it was gluten free but contained milk.

But no worries and no hassle – our waitress reassured me as she popped off to check with the chef. Upon her return she advised me that the chef was very happy to amend the vegetable purée which included milk to boiled carrots and jersey royal potatoes instead. I was delighted – often having this intolerances as I’m sure many of you with special diets have experienced you are made to feel like a nuisance or deemed to being difficult – not at all the case at Nirvana Spa. My duck was gorgeous, beautifully presented and cooked to perfection. The meat was succulent and tender with a flavoursome anise jus. It was a light dish as well and not as heavy as you’d expect so ideal for a spa day! If you are looking for tantalising spa cuisine you won’t be disappointed! 

For dessert I had the vegan gluten blackberry crumble slice which was lovely whilst my mother delighted her taste buds with the coconut and caramelised pineapple dessert.


Overall our visit to Nirvana Spa provided a welcomed foodie treat, beautifully presented, extremely well cooked and the ideal accompaniment to a blissful day at Nirvana Spa. 

If you are looking to enjoy tantalising cuisine and some precious mother- daughter time look no further than the blissful haven that is Nirvana Spa. Have a browse of their diverse treatment and package options and make sure you are following them on Twitter,Facebook and Instagram – it’s so lovely seeing beautiful spa images fill your newsfeed.  

Which dish would you try on your visit to Nirvana Spa? Make sure you send me any photos from your visit I’d love to see them!

If you are keen to learn more about my visit to Nirvana Spa make sure you read my Mother Daughter day post to discover why this place is so magical for spending precious time with a loved one. 


**Sponsored post created in partnership with Nirvana Spa but all views expressed are my own**


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