Spectacular Sunset Moments Part 1


Travelling around the world, often one of the most spectacular moments you can have is at the end of the day when the sunsets. With the sky illuminated in oranges, reds and pinks you can’t help reaching for your phone or camera to try and capture the true beauty of the moment to keep and share with others. But where are the best places in the world to experience a spectacular sunset moment? Luckily my four fantastic guest bloggers share their sunset moments with you and their top tips so you too can experience a spectacular sunset moment of your very own. 

Fremantle, Western Australia – Suzy Travels 

Although Suzy is a part-time traveller, she has a full-time love for sharing experiences from around the world through her blog, Suzy Stories. When not working as a Social Media Manager in London, she’s exploring the landscapes and sights of new destinations, or taking the (long!) trip to her favourite country, New Zealand, to continue her mission of seeing as much of the country as often as possible.

With a passion for philosophy, culture, food, nature, and photography, she believes there’s always a story that can and should be shared. Through these topics, she hopes to to give a ponderous yet light-hearted twist on travel that highlights how precious our experiences and memories are, and inspire like-minded wanderlusting adventurers on their journey. To keep up to date with Suzy Travels head over to Twitter and Instagram


During our trip to Western Australia we stayed in Fremantle, a cultural city full of character just outside Perth. Fremantle is an awesome break from the skyscrapers of Perth, bursting with charm with highlights such as Fremantle Market (the best spot for some lunch and a smoothie!), a choice of art studios scattered through the city, the WA Maritime Museum offering fascinating historical insights, and the gorgeous Rottnest Island, home to the adorable quokka, is just a ferry ride away! Fremantle is home to South Beach; the epitome of an idyllic Aussie beach to enjoy splashing about in the cool Indian Ocean, and as the light fades is the location of the most gorgeous sunsets you’ll ever see.


One particular sunset stands out as a special memory. We perched on the grassy banks overlooking South Beach and the lapping waves, as the golden light moved through the sky. The fluffy clouds made the sunset that much more dramatic, as the sun dipped below the cloud line and eventually the horizon in the distance. As we continued along the coastline, we turned back for another look only to find the most intense hues bursting across the sky. In awe, we walked along the jetty and stood mesmerised. I couldn’t take my eyes off it for a second, every moment changing to be more stunning. I felt truly lucky watching that sunset in a beautiful location, with an equally beautiful soul by my side.

My top tip for catching an amazing sunset is to be patient. When we began watching the sun go down, we saw the golden horizon change dramatically in such a short amount of time. We had thought that would be it, however, we were quickly proved wrong and were hit with another wave of beauty. It pays off to wait it out and see the sunset in its entirety, otherwise you might miss some truly incredible moments!


Teignmouth, Devon – Victoria Austin 

Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m from Devon in the UK. I am a lifestyle blogger who blogs about a variety of things, from gardening to baking, beauty and more over at Victoria Austin. Keep up to date with her adventures via Twitter or Instagram.


One of my favourite sunset moments occurred recently in Teignmouth in Devon. I’d had a busy afternoon baking and me, mum and dad had gone out for a chippy tea then me and mum went for a walk by the sea, the sun started turning pinker and by the time we got back to the car the sunset was really pretty epic. I got a photo of the Moon over the sea, thinking oh that sunset looks nice but within the next 10 or so minutes the sky had started deepening in colour rather than fading which I thought it was going to do. We also walked across towards the town (getting up our step count!) but on the way back to the car I kept going back across to the sea to get more photos, the coastline makes a wonderful backdrop for taking sunset photos. We did stop off in a layby/parking area on the way home too (we weren’t the only ones, it was pretty busy there for a few minutes!) and I got some photos of the nearby estuary, by this point it was getting quite dark but the sky was still such a beautiful colour.


One place I’d absolutely recommend visiting is the chip shop – Harbour Fish Bar, in Teignmouth, we’ve been going there for a number of years and their fish and cheesy chips are fab! Of course it is a coastal town and there are a lot of independent shops you could visit and a lovely beach too. If you walk the coastal path in one direction you’ll come to an area that juts out called Sprey Point, where there is an actual 3D style Teignmouth sign and picnic benches you can sit at too.


Koh Lanta, Thailand –  A Virtual Postcard 

Sage is a London based travel blogger, currently working as a marketer for a student travel company. When she’s not travelling, you’ll find her drinking tea, reading and blogging. Her blog A Virtual Postcard has only been around for a few years, but focuses on sharing travel advice and experiences. Be it about events happening in London or her travels in the UK, Europe and across the globe. Keep up to date with Sage’s travels on Twitter and Instagram


This sunset moment was captured on the Thai island of Koh Lanta. My boyfriend and I were travelling Southeast Asia in early 2018 and decided to visit the island as it was in such close proximity to Krabi, where we had been staying. It’s my favourite sunset moment and it happened completely by chance. We were on our moped, driving along the coast trying to find somewhere for dinner when we saw it. We parked up and headed to the beach where we were greeted by these insanely beautiful colours. It’s probably the most colourful sunsets I’ve ever seen. And one of the most happy, in love and relaxed moments in my life. The island is a great spot for relaxation, spotting a wild monkey or two and exploring one of the many stunning and uncrowded beaches along the coast. 



Maldives – Melis Living 

Melis Living is a travel and lifestyle blog focused on making the most of your life and not being afraid to make that change! Melis completely switched career and location at 30 and whilst that’s not for everyone, her mission is to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and passions.


The best sunset moment I’ve ever had was a real ‘pinch me’ moment in the Maldives this summer. I had been living in Singapore for 6 months and this was our 10th destination of the year. After a wonderful day of sunbathing, I sipped cocktails on the beach with my partner and relaxed as we watched the skies turn the most amazing shades of pink and purple.

The Maldives is just so beautiful that most people who visit don’t want to do much other than eat, sleep and sunbathe. We enjoyed snorkelling at our resort and observing manta ray feeding time each evening. There are options to go on day trips to see more of the Maldivian culture but we found our resort offered enough activities without us having to leave. You will find that most resorts provide wonderful experiences like sunset picnics, outdoor cinemas, seafood BBQ dinners and more so there really is no need to leave your private island.


My top tip to make the Maldives happen when it seems unachievable is not to be afraid to visit out of season. We were there in August which is known to be rainy season. We had the odd spell of rain but other than that we were treated to beautiful sunshine and clear skies with gorgeous sunsets every evening. Don’t be afraid to book flights and hotel separately, but don’t forget that you will need to pay for a boat or seaplane transfer to get to your resort. We specifically chose our resort, Ellaidhoo Maldives, because it was possible to take a boat ride from the airport.

For more tips on how to visit those places you have always dreamed about and fulfil your dreams, whatever your age, please follow me over on my blog, or my Instagram and Facebook pages. 

What is your favourite Spectacular Sunset moment? Let me know in the comments below and send your images to me via one of my social media platforms for a chance to be featured in my promotional activity. 




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