10 steps to keeping that Holiday Vibe everyday….

We all know the feeling, you come home from holiday to return back to the daily grind and pretty soon the holiday blues kick in. But what if you could…

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Business trip to Hong Kong – with the Family!

Do you often find yourself away from home on business trips and wonder what it would be like to take your family with you? My guest blogger Alice Churchill shares…

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Travel Is: Episode 2 – helping with my Anxiety

Jason was a lonesome teen growing up and developed anxiety. But travel is helping him to overcome his anxiety…

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Mother’s Day gifts – a last minute guide

A mother’s love is the most powerful you will ever feel, it’s nurturing, kind and extremely forgiving. If you haven’t sorted a present yet – you have a few days…

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25 countries in 25 years

Travelling to different countries gives me the chance to broaden my horizons, learn new things and experience different cultures, all whilst helping me find my place in this crazy big world…

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