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    Elle Goes to Madeira

     If you’ve been following my trip on Instagram and Facebook or are just looking for some inspiration for your holiday; my new blog series is ideal for you. Take a look at the highlights from my recent trip to help make your holiday to Madeira memorable….  We found Villa Mirage through James Villas, it’s a stunning property with a peaceful ocean-facing setting located just 15 minutes drive from Calheta. With three bedrooms, a spacious open plan kitchen-lounge-dining area; there is plenty of room for up to six people to stay. The interiors have a stylish and contemporary decor whilst the exterior has a rustic charm with basalt stone. Outside you can enjoy a game of table…

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    Tantalising Spa Cuisine at Nirvana Spa

      The new 2018 Summer menu at Nirvana Spa brings a wide selection of tantalising cuisine for you to enjoy during your visit. My most recent trip was the perfect mother-daughter Spa day in August 2018. This started with a lovely breakfast sitting on the pergola, my mother had a latte and a croissant while I enjoyed a poached egg with smoked salmon and fresh mango juice.    Nirvana Spa is located close to Wokingham and a 40minute drive from Guildford in Surrey. It’s relax, revive, indulge slogan is very apt with majestic architecture, a stunning floatation room, a relaxing ambience and tantalising spa cuisine. Nirvana Spa is the place to go to meet up with loved ones…

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    Travelling with Friends

    Travelling with friends is a lot of fun, but combining different personalities, wants and needs to keep everyone happy all on one holiday can leave your head spinning. Having been on a few holidays with friends over the years I share my top tips for ensuring your trip is a relationship strengthening exercise not a social nightmare…    Know your role As is the case with any group, each person has their own personality and subsequently their role within the group dynamics. Naturally I am a planner, an organiser and a leader but in some groups I have to take the back seat purely because some friends are a little less…

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    Follow in Poldark’s footsteps

    If you’re anything like me, you’ll be glued to your TV screen every Sunday evening at 9pm at the moment, waiting to find out what dramatic things will occur in the next episode. We’ve already had a murder, the death of a baby, a jilted bride and a mining catastrophe, all of which have left me hanging on the edge of my seat! I’m Laura, the author of the Cornish Maid Blog, a Cornwall Travel & Lifestyle blog. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years but have only started posting regularly during the last couple of months. I work for a Creative Agency as a Digital Marketing Executive and Copywriter and…

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    Wines of the World

    Wine is so different depending on the climate and region it has been grown in, so comparing and tasting the differences is really fun and interesting. Keen to combine travel and wine then take a look at my guest bloggers wines of the world… When you are drinking wine at the end of a long day, do you ever think about where it was made? I do! Every single time, I want to know where the wine came from. Every country is different and that means their wine is going to be different, as well.If you love wine as much as I do and plan on traveling anytime in the future,…

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