Essential Items To Pack For A Holiday In Mongolia

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Taking a holiday on the Trans-Siberian Railway is on most people’s bucket list, and for good reason, as this epic train ride crosses the wild and untamed territory of Russia – from Moscow to Vladivostok – which is more than 8,500km and spans 7 time zones. Most people choose to include Mongolia when booking their trip, and with that in mind, here are some essential items that should be in your luggage when you embark on what will surely be the holiday of a lifetime.

  • A Good Pair of Hiking Boots – You won’t be spending all of your time on the train, so take a good pair of light and comfortable hiking boots and you’ll be very glad that you did. You will have many opportunities to explore some of the steppes that Mongolia is famous for, and if you are planning to explore Ulaanbaatar on foot, the boots will be invaluable.
  • Comfortable Slippers – Ideal for the train, a pair of slippers will be very useful, and that way, you can leave your outdoor shoes in the rack of your cabin and you won’t have to worry about footwear on the train. If you have yet to book your berth on this unique train, check out the amazing deals to be found at, which happens to be a leading tour operator that is based in the UK.
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  • Warm Sweater – It does get very cold in Mongolia, and while layering your clothing is a great idea, you will need a thick woolly sweater. This can be worn on the train in the evenings and whenever you are outside in the evenings, and you might want to include a good bobble hat to keep your ears warm when out and about. If you like to look trendy, there are blogs you can check out on how to look good when touring Mongolia, which would be helpful for all fashion-conscious travellers.
  • Lightweight LED Torch – A good quality LED torch is both light and easy to store, and is ideal for many situations where you need a little illumination. Obviously, you will need a supply of batteries, or an adapter if the unit is rechargeable, and the unit can be put to good use when reading at night, or venturing out to the restroom in the hours of darkness.
  • A Basic First Aid Kit – This should be included on any trip to a foreign land, and there might be times when you wonder what you would have done without it. Cuts and scratches can happen at any time, and with some medication for both motion sickness and an upset stomach is recommended.
  • Tech Stuff – A power bank, a few extra SD cards and a universal power adapter should all be included, and if you have a Kindle, bring it along, as there will be a lot of time for reading. You might want to add a second smartphone battery, so you always have power, even when recharging.
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When you book your berth on the Tans-Siberian Railway, the tour operator would have a lot of info about what to pack, plus they can help you to plan the ideal route.


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