Why I’m giving up Travel to Save Money for a House


This is the choice that many twenty somethings are facing; buying a house vs travelling. Natalka blogs over at I want to buy a house and because within the next few years I want to get on the property ladder myself I started following her blog. I was keen to put a more personal approach to this debate (one that’s been dominating the press). So go on join the debate and  read on to discover why Natalka is giving up Travel to Save Money for a House…..

“Hi. I’m Natalka, a single 24 year old waitress/MSc student living in Bournemouth. Not the ideal demographic to be walking into the mortgage advisor. But there’s more about all of that drama over on my blog.”

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time, and thought what better place to put it than on a travel blog. You see, I’m still young(ish) and supposed to be out all the time and exploring the world. Instead, I spend my days eating pasta and cheese in my dressing gown. I’m slated for being boring. Acting like a grandma. Never doing anything fun. Ever. But I’m here to defend myself. To tell you why I’m giving up adventures and travelling to save enough money to buy a house.


Why I want to buy a house

I want to paint a wall yellow. Or any colour other than beige if I’m honest. I want to choose my own curtains and my own carpet. I want to live under my own terms. And be allowed to keep my rabbit. All valid reasons for me to want to own my own house, but obviously there’s more to it than that.

I’ve done the house share thing, both as a student and as a professional. And now I live in my own flat, which is better don’t get me wrong, but it’s the constant nuisance of knowing that any day the landlord could rock up to measure something or fix something that makes me uneasy.

“Once I finally own my own home I’ll have none of that.”

The grass isn’t always greener, and I’ll miss having someone to call when the washing machine breaks or the boiler starts making a funny noise. But at least I won’t have beige walls. And of course, it’s a great investment. Getting on the property ladder as soon as possible will set me up for my future more than any number of holidays.



What I want to do with my house

Sure I can’t wait to decorate. But once I’ve got the house I don’t actually intend on living in it for too long. A house can act as an income in itself. My plan has always been to buy a house, rent it out, then go and do my working year in Australia.

Waitresses get paid loads in Australia. And I’ll be able to save all the money i’m earning from renting my house for my next adventure. Maybe a second house. Or maybe a trip around the world. Once I have a base, everything becomes more affordable and easy.


Why I don’t feel like I’m missing out

I live in Bournemouth, the best beach in the UK and the 14th best beach in the world. It’s a tourism destination in itself, and I’m lucky enough to live a five minute walk away from the beach. If it’s sunny we tend to head down there or the closest beer garden, if it’s cold we head into the New Forest for pub lunches. I live my life like I’m on holiday anyway, so why would I spend hundred of pounds to go somewhere else and do the same thing?

Not only that, I’m from Brighton, where my mum still lives. Another hugely popular tourist destination, and although I prefer Bournemouth, it’s nice to mix things up every now and again. I rarely get to go down there but when I do it’s more beaches and more beer gardens. And my mum does all my washing for me. Feel free to check out my Instagram if you need any proof of me managing to have a life and save a ton of money.


Why I’d rather do it now, than later

“I am fully aware of the fact that I have my whole life ahead of me. All the time in the world to be boring and save money and buy a house. Or maybe no time at all. I could literally get hit by a car tomorrow and have nothing to show for my life other than a ton of money in the bank.”

I’m also very aware that houses are getting more expensive. And that everyday I spend in my adorable little flat, I’m paying off someone else’s mortgage. Buying a house sets me up for my future. It’s an investment. It can produce an income. And it will offer me a massive return on investment. That’s why I’m refusing to wait. And that’s why I want to do it now


So there you have it. Why I’m happily giving up Travel to Save Money for a House. The press will have you believe that young people can’t afford houses anymore, and are choosing to travel instead. But if that’s true, why did 2017 have the highest numbers of first time buyers in the last 60 years?

I know it sounds dull. And you’ll definitely get a better blog post from someone like Elle who’s constantly off on her adventures, but if I’m happy then let me be. Not a fan of saving? That’s fine too. Elle wrote this post over on my blog giving you all the reasons she’d rather travel now, but save and buy a house later. I must admit, I nearly booked a flight, but I’ll let you decide what to do with your money….


And whilst I work on balancing my savings with my passion for travel, I’ve been finding Natalka’s money saving tips super helpful for my quest to own a house (or a flat) within the next 3 years. How brilliant was her argument above almost convinced me to cancel my next trip to Amsterdam…  You can read more about Natalka’s journey on – giving up Travel to Save Money for a House over on her blog. Be sure to follow on her social media channels  as well including Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest


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