Travel Is: Episode 1 – Reflection & Prioritisation

Hello and Welcome to Episode 1 in a very exciting NEW series on Elle Goes Global called ‘Travel Is’.

Travel is an enriching experience, it means so many different things to different people. It helps you in many ways from overcoming a difficult personal time, meeting new friends, to experiencing new cultures and learning a new language.

Each month I will be featuring a ‘Travel is’ post on my blog with the aim to encourage people to read more travel blogs and to travel more! 

First up in Episode 1, Kaelin from KindlyKae discusses how travel for her means a chance to reflect and prioritise…

I use travel to reflect on my past, present, and future. I reflect on cultures, methods/means of travel, and life’s thought provoking questions. I travel to help remind myself of what really matters in my life, what will matter in 5 minutes or not, and what I am stressing over that does not matter at all.

Travel has assisted me immensely within the past 8 months. In May of 2018 I graduated college and moved states. Being away from my family and friends has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I moved with my boyfriend to his hometown and although I adore being around his family, I want to be around mine more often. That is something we all take for granted when we have it. Adjusting was and still is not easy and it is something I thought I would never have this much of a hard time with.

From May of last year until January of this year- I have traveled all over, to the Caribbean, Key West (FL), Nashville (TN), US Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, San Diego (CA), Orlando (FL) and not to mention exploring the local gems around the state. Traveling is truly my passion and lately, it has given me the gift of reflection which is what I really needed during my time of adjustment. Traveling reminds me of how grateful I am and what a privileged, wonderful life I live.

To some, travel is strenuous and brings stress. For me though, the whole process from finding flights to packing up to come home is relaxing for me. If anything, being ‘home’ is stressful for me. Work, balancing relationships, money, cooking, cleaning, staying active…it is the little things that add up and can cause this big ball of stress that rolls around and we just can’t shake it. Traveling is a breath of fresh air, a break. Having these opportunities gives me something to look forward to. The actual act of travel, the new smells, tastes, people, culture, activities… it is all very time and thought consuming, but at the same time, when I get home, I never feel anymore connected to myself then I do then.

After I spend time away, I remind myself of my priorities in life and that alone answers any of life’s big questions if you really think about it. People often forget or disorganize their priorities and once that is done, you cannot think nor do things clearly. Your priorities in life have to be straight in order for you to be fulfilled. If traveling is your #1 priority in life but you’re working a 9-5 job with 2 weeks of vacation a year…. you are putting your job before travel and that will never fulfill you.

Moving is a life impact that can strain on anyone. Focusing in on your passion, what drives you, can help you move past anything. For me that was travel. I made it happen and had so many opportunities to help me reflect on what I am trying to do with this wild life. Plan a trip, reflect, prioritize, and get home so you can make it happen.

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