Don’t let these 4 things ruin your holiday….

As a great band once said “Everybody needs a little time away!”. While many of us have been back at work in the wake of the winter festivities for some time now, just as many of us are probably looking forward to their next break. And who could blame them? When the mornings are cold, dark and forbidding, the evenings come way too soon and everything just feels that little bit more difficult, returning to work in January can cause some wear and tear on even the most perky and cheerful outlook. If you have some holiday time to use up before the financial year ends, January is actually the perfect time to use it. What better way to start the year off in a positive way than by crossing a new location off your bucket list?

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However, even with the best of intentions a winter holiday can quickly go awry if you pack the wrong kind of baggage with you. Here we’ll take look at some of the things that can ruin a well earned holiday in January (or at any time) and how to prevent them…

A bad attitude

Considering how long you spend looking forward to it, how excited you get while planning it and how long you spend fantasising about it, it’s easy for a holiday to fall short of your expectations. The simple fact is that some aspects of travelling (especially internationally) are a pain in the butt and can get your holiday off to a less than stellar start. Jetlag, language barriers, less than helpful locals and delayed hotel transfers can be trying while lost luggage or price gouging at your destination can be ruinous to your mood.

Be sure to pack an extra dose of positivity when you travel! If you let your bad mood ruin your trip, you only have yourself to blame.

“Delhi belly”

Let’s face it, one of the best things about travelling overseas is the ability to immerse ourselves in new worlds of flavour, There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to lose yourself in a realm of exotic tastes, sights and smells when dining overseas (especially after hours of enduring airport fast food). However, in our enthusiasm to tempt our taste buds we can find ourselves enthusiastically consuming foods that, while delicious, may not be conducive to a healthy tummy. Even the most inveterate foodie needs to practice these safe eating tips while travelling abroad. The last thing you need is for the first half of your holiday to be spent exclusively within a 10 foot radius of your hotel room’s toilet!

The weather

The weather can cause a trip to be cancelled, a day at the beach to be cut short or activities to go awry. It’s easy to get angry and frustrated and shake your fist at the sky. It’s easy to sulk and curse your misfortune… But what do you gain from that? It’s better to bring a positive attitude and make the best of your time away even if the weather confines you to your hotel room.

Thrift at the expense of fun

Finally, while it’s important to be budget conscious on holiday, remember why you’re there… To relax and have fun. Sure, hunting for bargains and feeling like you’re making savings can all be part of the experience (especially if you’re haggling in a Tunisian bazaar or a Turkish market) but if you find your holiday plagued by penny pinching don’t sacrifice fun for thrift!  


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