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    Is the modern world making us unhappy?

    With rates of stress and anxiety rising or perhaps just being more widely spoken about and accepted in society, how can we stay sane on a planet that is making us mad? How do we feel human in an increasingly technological world? And how do we stay happy in an over-anxious world? After experiencing years of anxiety and panic attacks, number one bestselling author, Matt Haig, sought answers to these questions, and began looking at the link between what he felt and the world around him hence why ‘Notes on a Nervous Planet’ was written. Working in social media in my day job and then managing multiple social accounts for my…

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    The Circle: Who would you be?

    The Circle, Channel 4’s latest reality tv series, has been gracing our screens for the last three weeks but if you haven’t watched it where have you been?! And if you have but didn’t see the final yet WARNING this post has SPOILERS so you might want to bookmark it as something to come back to. What was The Circle? Eight strangers (at a time) totally 15 contestants overall moved into the same apartment block, isolated from the outside world – their own means of communication was with each other through the social platform ‘The Circle’. They were tasked with creating the most popular profile, the highest rated contestants were…

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    Finding Happiness again: Coping with Grief & Tragedy

    Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Finding Happiness again series, I hope you’ve been enjoying reading it so far. Imogen’s spotlight on bullying proved helpful to many of you thanks for sharing your views via the comments as well. This week is a personal one for me, I’ve been toing and froing about writing this post as I’m a very private person.  But the strength my guest bloggers have shown over the last couple of weeks has given me the courage to share with you how I’ve been feeling. This week’s post is all about coping with grief and tragedy.  My blog is primarily an outlet for travel, food and…

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    Five reasons to love Autumn

    Autumn, the dark nights roll in, the leaves turn golden, amber and burnt orange and the colder weather begins. It might seem strange to you that autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the year. I mean it certainly wasn’t when I was younger because autumn heralded the end of the summer school holidays and marked the beginning of another year wearing a uniform. But as I’ve got older that doesn’t really apply anymore, so here are the five reasons I’m looking forward to Autumn – I wonder how many of them you agree with? Can I convince you to fall in love with Autumn too? Here are some things I’d recommend you doing this…

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    Mother-Daughter Day at Nirvana Spa

    Spending quality time together is precious, although we live together myself and my mother both work full time and have busy social lives to balance, sometimes the only chance we have to catch up during the week is whilst watching the TV show Neighbours. I am a very family orientated person and cheesy as it sounds my mum is one of my best friends, she’s always supportive and there to listen to me and often talk some sense into me! To ensure we could spend more mother daughter days together for Christmas a few years ago, my brother and father bought us both membership to Nirvana Spa and it’s a tradition that’s carried…

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