• use-a-property-to-pay-for-house

    How to use a property to pay for your travels

    You may want a nomadic life but there this is no reason to completely cut all ties. In fact, if you plan to live a nomadic life, having a property could be the best possible way to ensure a regular income without having to work every day. Whether you are starting with a fixer-upper or you have a property you plan to leave, renting your home is a great way to earn a little extra while hanging on to one of the most valuable assets you will ever own. Creating a Rentable Home Any home can be made appealing within a couple of days but you may need a little…

  • festive-craft-ideas

    Create a Homemade Christmas Wreath

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and recently my sister-in-law taught me and my dad how to make our very own homemade Christmas wreaths. We’d been talking about doing a local course for a while but they all cost around £50 at least which as you know is valuable money I could be using for my house and holiday saving accounts! Instead we decided to have a craft evening at home as a family. We played Michael Buble Christmas music, drank mulled wine and used this festive craft idea to each produce a homemade Christmas wreath.  This post is going to be a short and fun post giving…

  • low-calorie-cakes-brownies
    Eat,  Live

    Indulgent Cakes – A review of Low Calorie Brownies

       Brownies are my ultimate weakness as I’m sure you have discovered with my recent brownie baking bonanza! But all my over indulgence at work and home has led to me putting on a few too many pounds in the run up to Christmas, girls who eat like horses and still have abs – tell me your secrets! I digress in the bid for me to keep eating what I love and still maintain a healthy weight, I came across Indulgent Cakes. Karla Thomas started Indulgent Cakes with the intention of providing low calorie cake options and diner party services for people seeking indulgent treats without feeling guilty. Which is exactly…

  • festive-films-panasonic
    Bake like Elle,  Live

    Festive Films

    Nothing screams Christmas more to me, then getting all cosy in my pyjamas and settling down in front of the television with some nibbles and drinks to watch a feel-good festive film.  I don’t truly feel in the spirit of Christmas until I have settled down to enjoy my favourite festive films.  The best way to capture the true magic of these festive films which are so rich in sound and colour,  is to invest in a OLED televisions  Panasonic. With superior colour contrast ratio, wider viewing angle and improved picture quality you truly can have a cinematic experience at home this Christmas.  Which one of my favourite festive films will you choose…

  • feeling-festive
    Bake like Elle,  Live

    Feeling Festive

    Christmas is quite frankly the most wonderful time of the year. A chance to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones, to indulge in festive food and drink and battle it out with your family to be the winner of Monopoly. I’m not sure where 2018 went but as we get closer to my favourite day of the year take a look at how myself and my fellow bloggers are getting into the festive mood.. Christmas Baking  Baking at Christmas is a very exciting activity, you can cover everything in glitter and give baked goods to family and friends as presents or to wow at your festive dinner…

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