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    Delightful dining at Bill’s in Reigate

    Looking for the perfect place for your next date night, family get together or meal with friends? Read on to discover where you should book next…  On Friday 12th we were invited by W Communications to attend the VIP Preview Party at Bill’s in Reigate. So following my quick visit to the dentists (check up on filing yay) we headed to the event to discover what the new look Bill’s has to offer…..  For anyone who hasn’t heard of or eaten at Bill’s yet I urge you to visit, now in it’s eighteenth year, with 21 restaurants up and down the UK this welcoming and home-from-home restaurant offers fresh, seasonal…

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    Unique Birthday Cake: Recipe

    As a real foodie it probably comes as no surprise that I love baking. But I had never properly iced a cake and decorated it, so with my boyfriends 25th birthday approaching. I started thinking about a Unique Birthday cake.  It needed to be his favourite – lemon. This was the easy part as I have developed quite a good technique for baking it. The second part of the challenge was it needed to be a Unique Birthday cake and something that reflected his passions and interests, I had the choice of making a car or going down the electrical engineering route. As I’m sure you realised from the promotion image…

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    Tantalising Spa Cuisine at Nirvana Spa

      The new 2018 Summer menu at Nirvana Spa brings a wide selection of tantalising cuisine for you to enjoy during your visit. My most recent trip was the perfect mother-daughter Spa day in August 2018. This started with a lovely breakfast sitting on the pergola, my mother had a latte and a croissant while I enjoyed a poached egg with smoked salmon and fresh mango juice.    Nirvana Spa is located close to Wokingham and a 40minute drive from Guildford in Surrey. It’s relax, revive, indulge slogan is very apt with majestic architecture, a stunning floatation room, a relaxing ambience and tantalising spa cuisine. Nirvana Spa is the place to go to meet up with loved ones…

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    When in the sunshine state

    Safe to say there’s nothing wrong with a bit of spontaneity but with thousands flocking to the sunshine state every month you might want to plan a little ahead….       Orlando. I’ll be honest with you (as is my nature) it was never high on my travel wish list, yet everyone one kept going on about Disney World and the thrilling Universal theme parks – but my cute inner European was quite content with Disneyland Paris right on my doorstep. That was until Universal opened up Hogsmeade and subsequently Diagon Alley – now I had to visit, no question about it. Despite studying it at University (as a prime…

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    New York City: A foodie mission

    For years I’ve grown up watching American TV shows and films which filled my mind with some what stereotyped preconceptions about what food in the US is really like. So armed with these preconceptions, I started about making a must eat & drink list that I desired to complete before leaving New York. The same way that any tourist to London might expect to spot tea parlours and fish n chip restaurants on every corner, I came to America with misguided views.   Following Obama’s USA health kick, tracking down the items on my list (in photo below) was a harder food mission than I first thought! Day one, two and…

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