Travelling Far And Wide With A Budget That’s On The Small Side


It might be something that’s been said many times by many different people, but travelling really is a life-changing experience. It’s not just about learning new things about new people and new places; it’s about feeling like an adventurer. It’s about the simple thrill of exploring. You learn things, but you also bask in the sheer joy of seeing beautiful natural and manmade wonders. If you don’t have much wealth then the prospect of seeing the world might sound a little far-fetched to you. Still, there are ways to afford trips to distant places on a small salary. Here’s how to start travelling far and wide with a budget that’s on the small side.

Make a budgetary plan.

Before you start travelling the world, you need a plan of action. More specifically, you need to set yourself a budget so that you can plan your travels around your financial capabilities. Of course, we’re going to discuss some ways to stretch your budget in this article, but you need to start by drafting up a rough plan for your excursion. You need to think about the destinations you want to visit and the timeframe in which you’ll be able to travel. If you don’t have a wish list of fantastic places you’d like to explore then it’s about time you made one. You need to finally make time to go to all of the wonderful destinations you’ve only seen in pictures.

And don’t hold back. If money was no object then where would you go? You need to start off with a dream list of all the stunning countries, cities, and natural wonders you’ve always wanted to see. Or if you don’t have any ideas then do some research. Hop on Google and find some of the most adventurous places to see in the world. Check out this blog for some ideas too. It’s better to start off with big plans and see how you can accommodate all of your dreams into your budget. Even if you don’t have much money available, there are ways to improve your personal finances. We’re going to consider a couple such ways in this article, but let’s start by talking about one instant solution.


Get financial help.

If your budget is looking a little too small to cover all of the things you’d like to see and do on your travels then you might want to consider getting financial help. Friends and family might be able to provide you with the monetary assistance you need. In fact, this could be an opportunity to plan a trip with your loved ones. As long as you promise to pay them back gradually, you’ll probably find that they’d be more than happy to help cover your costs for the opportunity to explore the world together. It might not be the way you imagined travelling with your best friends or family members, but you’d do the same for them if they were struggling and you had the financial means to help.

Another financial option is to borrow money which you could pay back in gradual installments. This might be a good option for you if you don’t have the personal finances to afford your travels right now. You could compare guarantor loans at Buddy Loans if you want a place to start. For those with a low credit score, getting a friend or a family member to guarantee your trustworthiness could be the best possible way to get you the money you need for your travels. That might be a better option than borrowing money directly from your buddies or your family members.


Fly at the right time of year.

When it comes to travelling, transport is usually one of the most costly aspects of the trip. In particular, the flights to and from distant locations can be very expensive. But this is one of the easiest costs to control if you do your research. Using price comparison websites is a good place.  And don’t just use one comparison website either; use many different sites to weigh up all possible options. You might just find that some cheap deals have slipped through the cracks on certain sites. Consider researching an indirect flight route too. That might be another way to reach your destination more cheaply.

But flying at the right time of year is important too. If you avoid peak holiday season then you’ll notice that flights to many destinations are drastically cheaper. As with all aspects of the planning process, the key to stretching your budget further is to do adequate research. You could save a lot of money by visiting certain destinations during off-peak flight seasons. If you’re feeling spontaneous then look out for any last-minute flight deals too. Sometimes, airlines get cancellations and they’ll give away seats for incredibly low prices just to fill up the empty spaces.




Consider your accommodation options.

The type of accommodation you use is a big factor in the amount of money you spend too. You might have found cheap flights to destinations in the past but decided against the trip because every type of accommodation you found seemed excessively expensive. However, in the modern age, there are endless options available to you. You might want to consider alternatives to hotels (especially if you’re just looking at the hotels attached to inclusive deals with big travel companies). Staying in a hostel is smart if you’re looking to save money and move from place to place on your travels. You might have to share with other people, but it’s a great way to save money and still have a comfortable bed each night.


Look for free things to do.

Whether you’re visiting a local town or a famous city on the other side of the world, there are always free things to do if you do your research. Obviously, travelling to another place always costs money (unless you’re a fast walker), but you don’t have to opt for the expensive things to do once you reach your destination. Sightseeing, for starters, is free if you do it smartly. It doesn’t cost a thing to wander the streets of a new place and admire the fantastic buildings or structures. You should always find the local parks and natural spots to visit because those are often free to explore too. If you do some planning before you go travelling then you should be able to compile a decent list of free things to do in the town, city, seaside resort, or whatever other place you plan on seeing.



Work abroad.

Earlier, we talked about stretching your budget by getting financial help. But you might want to extend your travels even further, so it’s worth considering additional ways to put more money in your bank account. A great way to achieve this is by working abroad. If you feel that you work all year simply to take 2 weeks off for a holiday during the summer then why not take one continuous holiday? If you worked abroad then you’d always have the finances you needed to enjoy exploring the world. Obviously, one option is to search for job opportunities in other countries, but you should really consider remote working if you want to be able to move around freely and make money by doing so.

Taking the self-employed route might help you here. If you have any sort of talent whatsoever then you have the ability to freelance. If you’re a skilled writer then you could write marketing copy for companies; if you’re a gifted designer then you could create logos and even website layouts for individuals and businesses. And if you check out freelance sites such as Upwork or Fiverr then your options are even more extensive. You don’t even need qualifications or a professional skill set. There are people who earn decent money on those sites by reading out silly messages in silly costumes. There are freelancers who make money by playing video games with people. Using the internet, there are so many ways to earn money that could fund your travels. You could even build up a following on your Instagram with travel posts because businesses might sponsor you to promote their products. This would help you to afford your excursions.


A lot of people are put off the idea of travelling extensively because they assume that it’s out of their budget. But that’s only the case if you fail to plan extensively. With the right research and preparations, you could afford to see and do more on your trips internationally or domestically than you might think. With the advice in this article, go forth and plan a trip to see the destinations you’ve always wanted to see. There’s no reason to spend a fortune when travelling the world. If you’re more interested in sightseeing than staying in a luxury 5-star resort then there are plenty of cheap ways to get from place to place without emptying your bank account.



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