Blissful Spa Day at Lingfield Park Resort

Nestled in the Surrey hills and overlooking the beautiful racecourse, Lingfield Park Resort Spa & Leisure Club provides the ideal setting for a blissful spa day with loved ones.

 On the 24th June I visited with three of my friends from University, we meet up every couple of months to catch up and this time marked the celebration of a 24th birthday and a first home (we are getting old!).

We really enjoyed relaxing and unwinding from our high paced working lifestyles and located just under an hour away from each of us this provided the perfect place for a meet up.  Tucking into an indulgent afternoon tea, having a glass of fizz and experiencing a traditional Moroccan hammam treatment we felt a million miles away from all our worries and troubles.


We arrived at Lingfield Resort, the car park is massive so there is ample space for you. Heading into the modern and contemporary hotel, straight ahead of us was the Cyprium Bar & Grill complete with stylish lights and overlooking the racecourse, turning past reception we headed to the main Spa desk. We were welcomed by a friendly and enthusiastic member of staff, who ran through our treatment times and gave us robes, towels and slippers. She also reminded us that we could come and get a fresh towel throughout our visit.

We were given a tour around the complex which consists of swimming pool with whirlpool, steam room and sauna, relaxation room and treatment area. First impressions were good and there was a nice number of other guests – not too busy which helps to maintain a relaxed ambience. After we were changed we headed back out into the pool area.


The four of us placed our robes and towels on a lounger at the poolside and spent time in the whirlpool chatting and taking in our new surroundings. The environment was modern, clean and the whirlpool was set on a timer so after an intense and invigorating spurt of bubbles which eased away any tensions we had, a softer amount of pressure jets took over.  The troubles of the outside world now seemed a lifetime away (which is exactly what you want from a spa day).


Two of the girls then headed off to the steam room before going to the treatment area for the hammam. Whilst myself and my other friend left the whirlpool for the relaxation room. This is a cosy room decorated in tones of aubergine with two comfortable beds laden with soft blankets, the perfect place for a little nap (should you need one). We settled down with a magazine each and enjoyed choosing from a wide selection of complimentary teas from the Naked Tea company, my choice was a mango and pear green tea – fruity and refreshing.


The girls returned from their treatment laughing and very happy. None of us had experienced a treatment like it before, so they returned with hilarious tales of paper thongs, squelching noises and remarking on how much softer their skin felt. Reunited as a four we headed to the bar for our glass of fizz (like the treatment included in the spa package) and decided to sit outside on the terrace to bask in the glorious sunshine.

The view was spectacular with the racecourse and jumps stretching for miles ahead of us. I sat here quite content as we discussed our spa day so far and the benefits of argan oil and remarking on how peaceful and quiet this destination is – a truly idyllic setting for a spa.


Time for me to experience the Hammam treatment, I’d heard of it before writing about treatments at various spas comes with my 9-5-day job, so I knew it was black soap used to exfoliate the skin but aside from that I didn’t know much else other than what the girls had already told me. Firstly, we sat for a while in the steam room to prepare our skin for the treatment, I was feeling a tad anxious but after filling in the consultation form we were lead to the treatment room by two friendly therapists who explained the treatment process to us, asked if we had any concerns and then left us to get changed.

Whilst we had our treatment the other two girls swam a couple of lengths of the swimming pool and relaxed in the whirlpool.

After removing swimwear and using the thong provided, I lay face down on the porcelain bed with my feet propped up by a towel. A strange sensation took over as my body was covered with warm water, I’d liken it to lying on a flat surface bath – it’s very different to any other spa treatment I’ve experienced so far. A foot scrub and massage followed which instantly made my feet feel incredible. Then argan oils, which are renowned for hydrating and softening the skin were massaged into my skin before an exfoliating glove covered with black soap was scrubbed across my skin – invigorating!

We were then advised to wait outside whilst the therapists prepared the room for the second part of the treatment. Upon return we laid again on our front whilst oil was massaged into our skin, then turning onto our backs – my favourite part of the treatment took place a soft neck and shoulder massage. I could feel my tension easing away, to finish a rejuvenating head massage – I felt so relaxed I was on the verge of falling asleep.


Now feeling sleepy and extremely relaxed we went to find our friends. We got changed and headed to the elegant Cyprium Bar & Grill ready for our afternoon tea. We were welcomed by an extremely friendly member of staff who sat us at a table by the window overlooking the beautiful racecourse. We had such gorgeous weather which enhanced the view further, on the table we were first offered an unlimited access to a selection of tea from the naked tea company box. There was everything in the box from traditional English breakfast tea to peppermint and mango and peach green tea. Then two cake stands were brought over to us.

On the first stand; freshly prepared finger cut sandwiches including cheese & pickle, ham & mustard, egg mayonnaise and smoked salmon – all of them were extremely delicious but my favourite? The smoked salmon.

Next onto the scones, with a soft crumby texture – delicious! Clotted cream first then strawberry jam, but perhaps you go for jam first then cream? Finally, there was a vast array of cakes and pastries to pick from including cream eclairs and chocolate cake. My favourite part was the Macaroons (they are very hard to make) with a hard-outer shell and a soft ganache filling. The flavours we had to choose between were lemon, raspberry, pistachio, chocolate and coffee and they were a real treat for the taste buds. Now full to the brim, we exchanged birthday and moving in gifts and all very content we left the restaurant.

3 – 4.30pm

Sitting outside again on the terrace with a drink, we reflected on what had been a blissful and rejuvenating spa day. The hamman treatment was something none of us had experienced before and was a lovely addition to our visit, my skin especially my feet have never felt so smooth!! I think we all agreed though that the afternoon tea was a real highlight and we’d like to return again one day.

If you are looking for an idyllic rural spot to reconnect with friends or loved ones, then Lingfield Park Resort Spa is the ideal place. With inexpensive spa packages you can enjoy a relaxing day with a glass of fizz and a hammam treatment for under £100pp. So why not take a look at their website for more information and follow them on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

What’s the best afternoon tea and spa day you’ve experienced? I’d love to find out in your comments.


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