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    Blogger Recognition Award

    I received a twitter notification from the awesome Imogen (@imogen_chloe27) who had nominated me for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’ this was such a happy moment for me because I’ve had a very busy couple of months updating my blog site, creating new content and balancing a busy work and social life. I am extremely grateful for this recognition so thank you so much Imogen for the support you continue to shower me with. I’ve learnt a lot from you not only about blogging but for personal reasons and our chats mean a lot to me. To have your recognition for my writing means a lot.   How ‘Elle Goes Global’…

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    The Circle: Who would you be?

    The Circle, Channel 4’s latest reality tv series, has been gracing our screens for the last three weeks but if you haven’t watched it where have you been?! And if you have but didn’t see the final yet WARNING this post has SPOILERS so you might want to bookmark it as something to come back to. What was The Circle? Eight strangers (at a time) totally 15 contestants overall moved into the same apartment block, isolated from the outside world – their own means of communication was with each other through the social platform ‘The Circle’. They were tasked with creating the most popular profile, the highest rated contestants were…

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    5 tips for taking a Gap Year in USA

    Taking a gap year is an exciting opportunity in any young person’s life. It gives you the chance to gain valuable life experiences before settling down to study or work full-time. If you’re thinking of travelling to the USA on your gap year, there’s a few things you should make yourself aware of before setting off. Rebecca Martin, blog writer at UniBaggage.com Shares her top five tips with you…. 1. Get your documentation ready One of the most important things to remember when travelling to the USA, or anywhere in the world, is that your passport should be in date for at least six months after your date of travel. If you…

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    Amsterdam: On a Shoestring

    Amsterdam, famed for its liberal attitudes, artists, stunning Dutch architecture, tulips and canals. This city is one of the most popular in Europe and a trip here can quickly add up if you don’t watch your spending. It is however very easy to visit Amsterdam on a budget through a variety of different means. “I love travelling, I honestly believe it’s one of the only things in life that makes you richer. Experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and making memories with your loved ones.” My weekend break with three friends to Amsterdam was the final one of my seven trips abroad this year and it only cost me £290…

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    Finding Happiness again: Spotlight on Postpartum Depression

    Guest blogger Lee shares her experiences with us… I have struggled with depression for most of my life and with postpartum depression since having my daughter.  I never thought I would have to differentiate between the two because depression is depression, right?  “So very wrong.  I would’ve sworn up and down that depression and PPD had to be the same before I gave birth, but they are most certainly different. “ I started Bella Inspired Grace in May 2018. I’m a 38 year old mom with a 19 month old.  I work full time and try to fit in blogging between working, moving, being a wife, and being a mommy.  My…

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