I’m Elle the food and travel lover behind this blog. A Surrey based blogger and freelance content writer working a regular 9-5 job. Except maybe my job isn’t so regular. I am lucky enough to be working in travel and writing so everyday I get to combine my two greatest passions. Plus I get to go out to Mauritius and stay in the best hotels on the island – so who’d complain about that! 

“People around me often joke that I’m always off again somewhere on my travels but life is tragically short and I am here to live my life to the full and make memories and there is a whole world out there that I long to explore”.

Where did my passion begin?

Throughout my childhood I was very fortunate to travel to some incredible places. Boston at the age of four and then holidays to most of the European countries. Celebrating big life milestones brought family holidays to South Africa, Mauritius, New York, Las Vegas, the Bahamas and most recently Orlando. I know I am exceptionally lucky for the places I’ve already visited and so grateful to my parents for giving me the opportunity to see such magnificent places all before the age of 25! 

My passion for writing has always been very closely linked with my family holiday adventures. Each year I’d write a holiday diary and as I got older and my writing style developed. The more creative turning point was when aged eight I visited Rome. Inspired by the historical nature of this ancient city I wrote a city guide. But it wasn’t written in first person instead from the perceptive of a tour guide called John and a archaeologist called Julia. Two characters who’d I created to share my advice. 

For a few years my creative writing was driven on my academic studies, creating short stories for English Literature coursework and then writing essays for my Tourism Management degree. And Although I’ve been based in Surrey my whole life I love to pack up a bag escape reality for a little while and discover a totally new culture.

“I am a massive lover of my home town it is the most beautiful place to live (of course I’m a little biased). Just a few steps from a stunning part of English countryside yet close enough to some of the main towns and cities in the county. The restaurants and pubs in Surrey are some of the best places I’ve ever eaten at.”

Why Elle Goes Global was born 

Established in May 2018, the idea of blogging at Elle Goes Global was really born from three conversations. Firstly my brother who had supported my writing over the years, buying me travel writing advice books and giving me photography courses for Christmas presents. He encouraged me to start blogging in my spare time, saying it would be a great hobby for me to pursue and my writing would bring happiness to others

I brewed this thought over for a while, I did have a lot more free time to manage my blog, social life and professional 9-5 job so it was more of a possibility that I could bring my passion back to life again. Next I spoke with my boyfriend Chris (who you’ll see mentioned a few times on this site) he’d asked for my advice a couple of times about destinations he visited with his friends and had taken my tips and even conquered Rome in just one day!! He said I was good at writing and I should use my advice and my writing to create something that would help others. 

Finally I mentioned all of this to my parents, who have always told me writing and creativity were key strengths of mine. They were adamant that I should start blogging again echoing the previous advice and saying my writing had the power to entertain and inspire others

Thus the key principles of Elle Goes Global were born…

  • Bring happiness to others 
  • Help others through posts that offer advice, tips and destination information
  • Entertain and inspire others about food, travel and lifestyle 

What can you find on Elle Goes Global? 

Travel, of course I write a variety of series On a Shoestring all about budget travel, 72 hours in and a day in the inspirational guides to help you make the most out of your visit to a destination. As well as Sensational Stays  a new series giving you my reviews on the best places to stay. Food (Eat) a area of growth on my blog I bring foodie guides, recipes and Gin Inspiration to you. Lifestyle (Live) includes motivational pieces and wellness posts all about blissful spas you should visit. 

“I believe there is something for everyone at Elle Goes Global.”

Is Elle Goes Global the place for you? 

Are you looking to explore a destination but only have a short amount of time? Want to travel more without breaking the bank? Keen to gain some advice when it comes to travel and holidays including reviews of the best places to stay? – If you answered yes or nodded your head in agreement then the Travel blog of my site is the ideal starting point for your next adventure. 

Do you find yourself stuck for recipes to serve at your dinner parties or tasty treats to serve up at your office bake sale? Simply not sure where the best local restaurant is? My Eat blog is full of recipes and inspiration to satisfy your taste buds. 

And if you are looking for things to do with your partner or fun mother-daughter ideas my lifestyle blog is the ideal place to go. 

And who is Elle?


Hey! So Elle is my nickname and it was created when one of my old housemates was saying “can we just shorten your name a little?” I only lost one letter but the nickname stuck. Often though people still call me by my full name or even Els instead but Elle Goes Global has a lovely little ring to it don’t you think?

I’m a twenty-something, marketing executive currently living with my parents in Surrey. Creative, down to earth and caring I love bringing happiness to those around me. When I’m not travelling, you’ll find me baking, socialising or keeping fit (yoga, cycling, swimming, running anyone?) or catching up with my favourite TV show and sitting down to read a book. My life is pretty busy at the moment and people often joke they have to book me months in advance – but I’m only young and I have a lot to do before I reach 30. 

If you are looking for some inspiration or advice you’ve come to the right place. Please do take a look at my blog, subscribe and follow me on social media to stay up to date. Feel free to leave me a comment on my posts I love hearing your thoughts. 

I’ve worked with companies and brands helping to deliver awareness of their products and services. I have achieved this through social media campaigns and blog activity. If you would like to learn more please drop me a email at hello@ellegoesglobal.co.uk and take a look at my working with Elle page for more information. I look forward to working with you. 


UK Blog Awards 2019 Travel & Lifestyle Nominee

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