5 tips for taking a Gap Year in USA

Taking a gap year is an exciting opportunity in any young person’s life. It gives you the chance to gain valuable life experiences before settling down to study or work full-time. If you’re thinking of travelling to the USA on your gap year, there’s a few things you should make yourself aware of before setting off. Rebecca Martin, blog writer at UniBaggage.com Shares her top five tips with you….

1. Get your documentation ready

One of the most important things to remember when travelling to the USA, or anywhere in the world, is that your passport should be in date for at least six months after your date of travel. If you leave it to the last minute, expediting it could end up leaving you out of pocket, or could cause some major delays to your trip. Be sure to check up on it well ahead of time.

A visa is another key thing you’ll need to enter the USA, and to spend an extended period of time there, or even work there. This is something you should prepare ahead of time, as the application process for visas in the USA can be extensive, depending on how long you wish to stay there. It is also important that you choose the correct visa for your circumstances.

2. Don’t bring expensive belongings

The prospect of bringing your smartphone, camera and laptop to name but a few on your travels to the USA is all well and good, but what if these expensive belongings get damaged, lost or even stolen? If you don’t wish to take the risk, the best option is to leave them at home. When you arrive in the USA, you can purchase a cheap phone with a US sim card.

3. Transport your luggage ahead

If you’re spending an extended period of time in the USA, you’ll likely want to bring a lot of your personal belongings with you, and a few checked pieces of luggage on your airline isn’t going to cut it. Save yourself some money and simply ship your luggage ahead with a reputable luggage shipping company, instead of spending a small fortune paying out on expensive airline baggage fees. All of your luggage can simply meet you upon arrival at your destination, and you’ll have more time to simply enjoy every moment of your travels. 

4. Budget

Unfortunately, a gap year isn’t free. In fact, it can be a rather costly experience. A great way of keeping track of and controlling your spending habits is by using a budgeting app. It can be all too easy to get carried away with your spending whilst spending time abroad, but this will only limit you in the experiences you can partake in. Budget to make your money last.


5. Get insured

Accidents happen! Before you travel, it’s a wise idea to purchase travel and healthcare insurance. Without insurance, you could find yourself in an unfortunate situation, and the cost of accessing healthcare could substantially increase the overall cost of your trip.

Head over to UniBaggage to arrange for your excess baggage to be delivered to your destination before you arrive – ideal if you are planning to go overseas for a long period of time.


Are you thinking about a gap year or have you already been on one? Let me know in the comments 


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